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At San Diego Animal Trapping, we use only the best quality, most humane animal traps available. For over 20 years these wildlife traps have been custom made by an industry trapping legend located in the Central North West. Our 20 years of experience have proven that these animal traps can hold even the most aggressive animals.

What makes our animal traps better than the competition?

  • Backed by 20 years of experience trapping the most aggressive of wild animals
  • Constructed using pure galvanized steel
  • Sprayed with a patented formula that resists rust
  • Uniquely treated to disguise unappealing smells that would deter wildlife
  • Special security construction that ensures guaranteed closure and containment once the animal is trapped
  • All of our traps are humane, providing plenty of room for the animal to move around comfortably
  • Best of all, the only EASY, HANDS FREE, ROLL and RELEASE trap! Now available to the public!

For information on how to set animal traps and release the animals, please watch our instruction videos on Setting the Animal Trap and Releasing the Animal Trap.

Large Animal Trap

Extra Large Animal Trap

Price: $150 plus S&H
      Great for extra large raccoon trapping, bobcat       trapping, fox trapping, ducks and wild cats!
      Size - 14" x 14" x 36"


Large Animal Trap


Large Animal Trap

Price: $135 plus S&H
      Great for raccoon trapping, opossum trapping, skunk       trapping and cats!
      Size - 12" x 12" x 30"


Large Animal Trap

Medium Animal Trap

Price: $125 plus S&H
      Great for squirrel trapping!
      Size - 8" x 8" x 24"


How to Set an Animal Trap

How to Release an Animal

Checking the Animal Traps

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