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Coyote control in San Diego can be a very dangerous thing, but one thing is for sure; when you put your trust in San Diego Animal Trapping & Removal, you can count on the job being handle in a timely and professional manner. We are your industry leaders for coyote control and all other wild animal control services. We invite your call today at 858-888-6062 to receive a free quote on our services or for an emergency appointment. We welcome calls from our residents in San Diego County!  

If you are a home or business owner in the San Diego County area and are experiencing issues with coyotes, we are the team to call. Often times, coyotes can be mistaken for dogs or even wolves. Usually you won't find them scavenging around in your yard, but more and more coyotes are becoming comfortable with human interaction. Although it's rare that coyotes ever attack humans, there are chances that they will go for your animals or even small children. If you spot a coyote running around your yard or property, call All City and we promise to arrive in a timely manner. As we are professionals and have been for a long time, we urge our clients to not try and handle the coyote control themselves. Just like all wildlife, coyotes can be pushed into an attack if they feel threatened, or you decide to corner them.  

Just like every other wild animal we deal with here, remember that Coyotes too, are also candidates for rabies. While you never know, be smart and take the cautious steps to protect yourself and the ones around you. The longer you let the problem go unsolved, coyotes are more likely to become familiar with the territory and could make more frequent appearances. We will capture the coyote safely and in a humane way and will also be sure to clean the area where they were at.  

One call to San Diego Animal Trapping & Removal is all it takes and we can take care of the coyote control on your property. Handling coyote removal isn't an easy thing, so make a call to 858-888-6062 to learn more, set up an appointment, and receive a free quote on our services. It doesn't matter whether you live La Mesa, National City, Spring Valley or in the heart of San Diego; if you are a having a problem with coyotes, we will be on the spot as soon as possible. Have a competitor quote? Give it to us and we'll beat it.  

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